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Revealed - Five Reasons Your May Need To Ship Your Vehicle

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Most people think of car shipping as a luxury they could do without. They do not understand that driving a car across state borders isn’t similar to driving it across town. Long hours spent in the driving seat will cost you a lot of time and money, not to mention the dangers a cross-country drive presents.

This guide will highlight multiple scenarios where you might want to use a car shipping service. We’ll also discuss the various benefits of using a car shipping company vis-à-vis driving a car on your own. All in all, you’ll get to know why shipping a vehicle is best for your budget, schedule, and sanity.

Here are five reasons you may need to ship your vehicle:

Buying a car online or from out of state

When buying a car from a seller who isn’t located nearby, you have two choices: spend your time and money to make a return trip or call a car shipping company. The second option makes more sense if a qualified mechanic has already appraised the car for you.

In such a scenario, even if the car gets damaged during transit, you’d be able to hold the carrier accountable. You’d thus have peace of mind that whatever happens, you’d have your new car delivered to your doorstep in the condition promised by the seller.

The biggest benefit of hiring Slap Auto Transport for shipping your vehicle is that you’d be able to pinpoint a timeline. The driver would communicate with you throughout the journey, especially after they have picked up the car, giving you peace of mind.

Provided you’re nervous about handing over your car’s keys to a shipping company, select one that offers GPS tracking. This will enable you to track your car’s location at all times.Relocating a long distance

Relocating a long distance

If you’re moving out of state, and are using a moving company to relocate your possessions, ask them if they can ship your vehicle as well. Many moving companies offer this facility alongside their cross-state possessions’ moving services.

What if you don’t mind driving to your new home? Even then, you might need a car shipping service, especially if you have to move multiple vehicles. Hiring a car shipping service will save you and your family from making various return trips.

You don’t have to be moving permanently to consider using Slap Auto Transport. Snowbirds who leave their homes in the winter to avoid extreme weather, before coming back when the temperature starts to get normal, often ship their vehicles back and forth.

Retiring to a new location

Retirement brings a lot of freedom that seniors exercise by moving to a new state or even a new country altogether. But not all retirees leave their homes for good. Some of them also take long road trips to explore different climates for a few weeks before returning home.

An estimate puts the average retirement age in the United States at 64. Many motorists might think they are fit to drive at this age, but in addition to the inherent risks of long-distance driving, their driving skills aren’t what they used to be.

Physical decline makes it difficult for seniors to do the basics of driving right, such as looking around when changing lanes and keeping the pedals depressed for long periods. It’s also a proven fact that age-related decline in sensory perception increases the likelihood of being involved in accidents.

Retirees can keep all these risk factors at arm’s length by giving their vehicle keys to Slap Auto Transport. With fully-alert drivers taking care of the complications that come with long-distance journeys, seniors can enjoy everything that traveling cross-country has to offer.

Relocating for work

Moving to a new job is stressful enough on its own. Adding the stress of driving your car from point A to point B on top would only compound your worries. Especially if your new job requires you to uproot your current setup and travel half the length of the country.

That is precisely the case if you’re transitioning employment. You’ll have to wait for a specific time after leaving your previous job before you can get your first paycheck from the next. Within this time, you’d do well to save as much money as possible.

You could do just that by hiring Slap Auto Transport. Sure, you’ll have to make a one-shot payment to have your car shipped. But here’s what you’ll get in return: freedom from potential repair or replacement costs long-distance trips can incur through car damage.

That is not all. You’d also end up saving the expenses of driving your car from your current to the next location, as well as the time and pressure that comes with it. And you won’t have to ask friends or family to accompany you during the long trip to your next destination.

Personal and car protection

Driving long distances isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time.

You’ll be exposing yourself and your vehicle to a lot of inherent dangers. Not to mention the risks traffic congestion, inclement weather, and long hours sitting behind the wheel might pose to your and your vehicle’s safety. Even a minor accident can cause thousands of dollars in vehicular damage.

Car shipping companies help you avoid all these hazards. If you aren’t a fan of long-distance driving or you have a medical condition that might have compromised your ability to sit behind the wheel for long hours, auto transport might be your best bet.


If any of the abovementioned scenarios apply to you, consider hiring a car shipping company. But don’t give your car’s keys to any auto transporter. The shipping company you should select must have years of experience with the type of shipping you need. Reading reviews from past customers would give you a good indication of how seriously the company takes its work.

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