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0-500 Miles: 1-2 Days

501-1,000 Miles: 2-3 Days

1,001-1,500 Miles: 3-5 Days

1,501-2,000 Miles: 4-7 Days

2,001-2,500 Miles: 7-10 Days

2,500+ Miles: 10-14 Days


Once your designated carrier is assigned you will receive a precise ETA for your shipment.


We feel it’s important for you to know how we determined your quote. Quotes are based on what the market demands for cars to be moved at a given time. Each quote is compared with the current rates on the National Load Board before being sent to our customers and will be reviewed periodically through the process.

Other companies might offer you a lower price to obtain your business. This method is ineffective because if the customer offers a below-market rate, it will run the probability of not getting loaded or transported on time. 

Truck drivers always take the loads that pay the most first, leaving the loads that are mispriced to be moved last or not at all.

We try very hard to avoid this with our customers by quoting a fair but realistic quote up front


Most auto transport trucks are quite large, up to 75 feet long. This sometimes makes it impossible to reach many residential areas.

If that’s the case with your auto move, your carrier will attempt to get as close as possible to your delivery location. We can also arrange a convenient location, like a shopping center, to either pick up or deliver your vehicle.

In some cases, we may also be able to negotiate a better rate for you to ship your car if you are willing to meet your driver at a more accessible, convenient location that works for both of you.

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